My Story

Hello I’m Valerie, with me are Frankie and Rosie, at home are two cats, Sox and Pebbles. Frankie and Rosie love their walks, Sox and Pebbles mostly sleep, eat and sleep. There have always been pets in my family even before I was born.

As a child I loved to be outdoors exploring the countryside, spending time spotting birds and cycling about the local area. As an adult I’ve mostly been urbanised working in an office doing paperwork. My only escape has been doing my voluntary work for the last ten years around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs area. I have always enjoyed going out walking and meeting people, and my voluntary work is a great opportunity to do this, as well as getting me involved in conservation work and a chance to learn about nature. I feel lucky to live in Scotland as it is such a beautiful place and the countryside is out there for everyone to enjoy.

Pampered Paws - Where Pets Come First
Pampered Paws – Where Pets Come First

I set up Pampered Paws pet services because I had reached a time in my life when I wanted to have a job that I felt passionate about doing. I have gained a great deal of pleasure from having my own pets and I love being around animals. I have made lots of new friends since I set up Pampered Paws and I look forward to making many more, every single one has it’s own individual little personality. I think pets make a family whole.