Pet Stories

Polly Discovers Nature – Polly is a gentle and sedate dog who obviously enjoys nature and the great outdoors. Polly loves her walks in Boden Boo, she likes to walk through the woods rather than along the edge of Erskine beach. She has a real sense of nature, listening to the birds singing in the trees and the leaves rustling in the wind. Polly likes to sniff the air, her nose twitches as she senses more smells floating around. A squirrel dashes across the path ahead of us. Polly’s eyes dart to where the squirrel has disappeared into the undergrowth. She takes in every movement and every sound, fascinated by what nature brings to her. I enjoy watching her reactions and often wonder, Polly what’s out there, what do you hear and see!

Mr Ragdoll – Recently I met a man who is the proud owner of a Ragdoll house cat. He told me that his Ragdoll cat likes to go out for a walk. So in an evening he takes his cat out for walkies. I thought what a novel idea, maybe he will start a new trend in cat walking. I don’t think that my cats would let me walk them. I reckon that they would either very firmly sit down or beat it fast out of the cat flap.

So if you are out and about in an evening, look out for Mr Ragdoll. I am also quite happy to do a spot of cat walking for anyone who might be interested.

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff – This is my friend Ziggy who loves to go to Erskine beach and investigate Boden Boo. She spends her time sniffing here, there and everywhere in true doggy fashion. Sniff, sniff, sniffing her way as we walk along, and when we meet other dogs her ears prick up and yet more sniffing occurs. Ziggy loves making friends, but beware all Westies, as for some reason unbeknown to man no Westie shall be her friend. I would love to know the reason why!

Ziggy is a delight to walk and such a friendly little dog, so if you see Ziggy out and about why not stop and say hello or just sniff, sniff, sniff.

Pebbles Story

Pebbles Story – This is a story of resilience and of a love of life. When I first met Pebbles she had already been cruelly treated and was lucky to be alive. I was so pleased to be able to give her a loving home. Unfortunately after only a year or so, Pebbles got hit by a car. My kind neighbours rallied round in my absence and took my little darling to the vet. She had broken her pelvis. The vets were brilliant, they organised for her to have an operation at the vet hospital in Stirling, and Pebbles was given a third chance at life.

Today she is a mad cat who charges about the house and garden climbing on anything and everything. Thanks to my neighbour’s compassion, Abbey Vets and Andrew at the vet hospital, I have one very happy little cat.

Walkies and Dog BiscuitsWalkies and Dog Biscuits – Frankie and Rosie are my friends, and they are two very clever dogs because they know that when they have walkies, they also get lots of dog biscuits. They really have things sust out because the more dog biscuits they get, then the more walkies they need. For Frankie and Rosie this is a win, win situation because the two things they love most in life are walkies and dog biscuits. No wonder they are pleased to see me.